Marineland 75th Anniversary

75 Years And Beyond!

Marineland Dolphin Adventure celebrated its remarkable 75th anniversary in 2013, and as the world's first oceanarium, it is always excited to celebrate its rich history with its fans. Founded as Marine Studios on ocean-side property just 18 miles south of St. Augustine, Florida, the facility opened on June 23, 1938.

Today, Marineland Dolphin Adventure offers guests a variety of interactive and in-water programs that allow guests to make physical and emotional connections with animals. Archived memorabilia and footage dating as far back as 1938 is on display and shared with Marineland Dolphin Adventure’s many generations of admirers. 

Remembering Nellie!

Since Nellie’s birth at Marineland on Feb. 27, 1953, she had become an icon and served as an ambassador for other marine mammals. Throughout her lifetime and in her passing, Nellie will be remembered as an ambassador for dolphins and other marine mammals.

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